Me & My Netbook

I should start off by thanking S and D who gave me the extra shove in favour of a netbook. The choice of a Samsung NC10 was mine alone.

In a nutshell (a very compact nutshell at that) it’s near perfect. A full weekend of testing has found little wanting – although I do miss, thanks to it being XP powered, being able to boil a kettle, take a shower and complete a Suduko puzzle after powering it up. All of which I can do when I do the same process with my old Vista powered Sony Viao ! Seriously fast start-up and close down is great.

It took me about half an hour to get used to the smaller screen size and the need to scroll up and down when viewing pages but when you are actually writing email or blog this factor disappears.

I’ve obviously made a mistake when choosing the keyboard configuration as the @ key does not produce the @ symbol when pressed and it’s up on the number 2 key ‘hidden’. But no biggie.

The keyboard is easy to use at speed and has a good rake and a solid touch.

Battery live is well over 6 hours but I’ve only been using online programs so I’ll report back after putting it through its paces.

I’m glad I made the investment and I can now leave the Sony at home where I now really appreciate its screen if not the Vista.


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