Climbing aboard

I wonder if I am the only person who feels a little differently about an aeroplane journey when you disembark or embark using stairs rather than a jetway ?

For me it just helps bring home the amazing experience that is flight. You get to admire the sleek lines of the fuselage and look inside the turbo fans of the engine as you take each step up towards the door, ever higher until you catch the first glimpse of the flight attendant’s shoes at the top.

If the weather is a bit nippy, as it was tonight as I crossed the tarmac from the terminal at Edinburgh Airport (previously known as Turnhouse – I promise a posting soon on the bygone age of airport names !) towards the jetliner back to London, it just makes the adventure all the better ! Reinforcing the power of nature which the aeroplane will soon overcome.

Coming off the aeroplane is no less exciting. Rather than the stale smells of the terminal building hitting your nose when you arrive at your destination you get the full whack of the new environment you have come to explore.

For those of us, who all too often go airport – meeting room – resturant – hotel room – airport, we should grab these moments as agressively as we do the mobile stairway handrails.


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