The First 100 Days

Seminal texts have been devoted to what a leader does in those first 100 days when she or he begins a new role.

It’s cliched but true- those first few days will determine whether you succeed or fail. Both in technical terms and also perception.

President Obama is smart enough to know that and yet he seems to still be in campaign mode.

This was exemplified this week when he flew to LA in Air Force One (ka-ching !) to appear on the Jay Leno show like some 2nd rate actor shilling his latest movie about to go on general release.

I mean really ? Really this is a big priority for you when your Treasury Secretary still does not have a fully staffed team and seems incapable of calming frayed nerves ?

He has the Peoples’ work to do and he needs to do it. That’s tough and gritty and requires a solid application of effort. Not TelePrompTer driven soundbites or scurrying about the country.

Time to spend a little more time in the office Mr President, the world’s cameras will come to you.


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