There are some brands you just fall in love with, for me one of these is Globe-trotter.     They’ve been making luggage since 1897 and although I’ve only ever owned one piece (the second smallest in the picture), it’s been serving me well since 1991 as carry-on and checked (with bottles).   It’s never let me down.globetrotter1

Vulcanised card, light frames and cloth insides make these suitcases indestructible with a high volume to weight ratio.    Their relatively high price ensures they are not a common sight on the luggage carousel but time and again when I’ve gone for something cheaper I’ve had buyers regret almost instantly.   Some of those rivals out there that claim to produce robust luggage obviously never intend their products to cross the front door !

They also age very well, sure they get scratched and scuffed but that just seems to add character – a bit like humans really.    So you can imagine my delight today when I spied in the local vintage store in Notting Hill a case which exactly matches mine but only bigger (the middle case in the picture).   Probably from the late 1960’s but in great condition and for about 10% of the cost of a new one.

It’s a classic true brand story – handcrafted, timeless, reliable, always relevant and never a slave to fashion.

Who knows where this case has travelled to these last 4 decades but I do know where it is going in the future – at my side, travelling with me.


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