Tube v Subway

There are many differences between the London Underground (Tube) and the New York Transit Authority (Subway).

Good and bad on each side and in equal measure (although it’s worth pointing out that by far the worst issue for me personally is when returning to London and I forget I need to tap my way back out of the system resulting in me slaming into the gates at high speed).nyc-subway

However my favourite aspect of the Subway is when local trains “go express” during rush hour at a moments notice. All of a sudden half the train inwardly cheers as they are rewarded for sticking with the slower train as it now hurtles past local stops.

And the other half ?

All miserable as they are forced to decant from the train before their destination and wait for the next train. But in this City, as in the jungle, a litle bit of ‘natural’ selection helps in the order of things as half a train worth of people are late for work and half a train worth are early !

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2 thoughts on “Tube v Subway

  1. There so many nice aspects to London, but that damn ‘tap out’ process to get OUT of the subway is ridiculous. Any idea why it was designed that way?

  2. Yeah, there is only a flat charge on buses, the tube is charged depending on what zones you travel between. Longer your journey the more the fare so they need to establish entry and exit points.

    The NYC system is far better value for money !!!

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