The Birkin is BACK !

Having spent the morning working productively in several Starbucks throughout the City (which lead me to purchase the Starbucks Gold Card – more about that later) I was more than ready for lunch with C and M at Brasserie 44 in The Royalton Hotel.

The three of us rarely get the chance to break bread together so it was particularlywelcome we were seated in the only table in the wine room.  With doors closed we managed to cover the gamut: from “quantitative easing” to the life expectancy of certain publications, through to the latest networking trends and ultimately the Chatham Cod which two of us had selected.

It’s one of those lunches where you feel your brain power expand as well as your waistline – and you only hope you’ve been able to contribute us much as you’ve taken out of the conversation (I left with a dozen thoughts relating to my brand responsibilities).

As we lingered over coffee and some seriously warm fresh baked cookies (I am pleading the 5th Ammendment here) C lent forward and raised a serious   Would it be appropriate to remove her well used BirkinBag from the box and take it with her on a forthcoming business trip ?     Said bag had been languishing in her closet since the current economic downturn.   Although M and I are hardly arbiters of fashion the answer was a resounding “yes”.    In many respects the Birkin Bag represents the epitome of substantiated luxury, luxury based on quality, craftsmanship, practicality and understated elegance.    Born out of an in-flight conversation between a travel weary British actress, Jane Birkin and the, then, CEO of Hermes the rest is iconic history.

It’s daily, discriminating decisions like this which consumers are making every day – ultimately that’s why some consumer goods will survive and some will fail.   It’s why some newspapers with an intellectually sound publishing platform will prosper and some who have lost their way, will crash.

It’s a new era of discrimination – not sack cloth and ashes.

Yes, The Birkin is BACK and so is the woman who wields it.


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