To tweet or not to tweet….

My “tweeting” track record is not impressive.    I registered on Twitter and sent my first tweet on 10th September 2008 and then I sent my second tweet yesterday.   I’m just unconvinced the world wants or needs another live stream from me.    (Let me know if I am wrong).

The twitter phenomenon, in terms of mainstream media coverage,  made it to the UK over the last few weeks – it’s taken about eighteen months to make it across The Atlantic.

So the first thing I did after getting off the plane at JFK (almost) was to find a copy of  “Twitter Power – How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time.”   The author,  Joel Comm  , seems to be a bit of an on-line maven (who has escaped my attention until now).    

Only on page 29 so will come back with some thoughts……which I will blog and not tweet !


One thought on “To tweet or not to tweet….

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