Marathon Man

As I brushed my teeth this morning I gave further thought to starting to run in the morning (last time I tried this I kept it up for two terms in 2nd year at university). My good friend J has been running for over a year now and he has never been in better shape.

Anyway I was contemplating when I would actually START when a live interview came on featuring this guy who is about to run 7 extreme marathons (31 miles) on 7 continents (including Antartica) in 7 days !

Oh and he’s flying between the continents in coach class.

All of a sudden running around Kensington Palace Gardens seems more doable – even for me !


One thought on “Marathon Man

  1. I would counsel against running around your block. Nothing good ever came of this particular Yuppie obsession, and runners always have that haunted, lean and hungry look whatever shape they are in. Most runners would be far better off getting good professional help with their problems,
    rather than running about in that rather odd and very unattractive clothing for which they have paid through the nose. It reminds me of the reinforced paper outfits you get before an MRI.

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