LinkedIn – NOT Facebook for adults !

I have a very good friend in New York who is as switched on as the next person until it comes to networking sites – then he becomes a flat earther.  Now, let’s be quite clear, this is a guy who will risk a midsummer thunderstorm to get from midtown to downtown just to consume some mediocre red wine in the pursuit of swapping a few grubby business cards.  Networking in person he LOVES !linkedin-logo1

He refuses to join LinkedIn .  For whatever reason he thinks that LinkedIn = Facebook = Myspace.

LinkedIn is probably the best invention since the Rolodex.     It’s a living resume, a personal billboard, a way to track every contact you’ve met, a source of inspiration, a marketplace for skills, a recruiters dream, a job seekers nirvana, a living thing which grows with you wherever and whenever you move.

As you can guess I’m a huge advocate and hope to one day convince my friend that LinkedIn is not simply Facebook for people in suits !


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