Squeeeeeeezed !

When it comes to packaging, past really can mean prologue.   Just when you think that no major brand could ever repeat the mistake of the Coke – New Coke – Classic Coke shuffle along comes a new example of  brand mismanagement and, if you forgive me the pun, a juicy one at that.



Tropicana.  Laughingly enough owned by PepsiCo (so I suspect the people over at Coke are having a schadenfreudian chuckle) just reversed ,after a matter of just a few weeks, their packaging changes to their fruit juice line-up.

You can do a lot worse than read the article in the New York Times.

Click.  Read.  Learn.  Remember.

Sometimes the best repackaging decision you will ever make is NOT to do one.




2 thoughts on “Squeeeeeeezed !

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