Close shave…

azoriphoneedge2If I’m not travelling (yup I believe in being clean shaven on the plane) and doing nothing special on the weekend I rarely shave.    And I certainly never shave at 6pm on a Sunday evening.   But today was a little different, as for the last 6 months or so I’ve been flirting with a newish razor called the Azor from King of Shaves.  This makes me very far from being an earlier adopter but brand loyalty is a strong emotion and I am a Gillette Lad through and through.   Totally loyal. 

I’ve bought every one, even though I still believe  the Sensor Excel to be the best.  Anyway you get the drift.   Well today I bought the Azor and I just gave it a test drive.

Wow.  I did not expect it to be quite such a different shave experience but it was.    Very smooth, very effective, very close.   Almost the perfect shave (for that you need to go to The Shave in Beverly Hills)  save for one flaw – the blades are situated way to far down the head to allow you to shave close under your nose. 

It’s very light which is a big plus for travel and it is a bit less expensive than Gillette.

Going to give it another run tomorrow morning


7 thoughts on “Close shave…

  1. Wilkinson Sword is far superior.

    I think you stop telling people about shaving exploits and get on with your life.

  2. Hi, thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed. I shaved with a development Azor over weekend with our Kinexium shave serum, awesome. Your comments regarding the nasal area are being looked into, amazingly there are patents & issues around this, but the King is on the case!

  3. the great thing about blogs like these is they provoke discussion – WS has been 50% off ever since we launched the Azor, the blades are stacked and use a wire to stop you cutting yourself, but clog up. and the price of gillette fusion is just huge – especially as i know what their profit margin is on a £2.50 replacement blade. Choose the KoS Azor, shave closer, longer, for less – and with a British designed British brand too!!!

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