A Kodak Moment

As the cleaner worked her magic (and having been up since 6am doing the “pre-clean”) I took myself off to read the Saturday newspapers in my neighborhood branch of apostrophe .   The usual mix of locals, tourists, singles, couples, laptop users, newspaper readers – you get the picture.

I like the staff here.  They always caution me about my request to add an extra shot to the largest latte they sell and then they watch me carefully – not sure what they expect will happen, but I digress.    As I sat back down with my second coffee I looked down the two communal tables; past the woman with the tartan shopping trolley, past the guy who reads the FT v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y, right between the couple with another house guest (they always bring their house guests here !), past the two confirmed bachelors and out of the window.

Out of the big window.

Just as I looked out two elderly women approached from either side.   Their expressions turned from ‘running errands for a purpose”, to “is it you” to “absolute, total delight”.     Maybe they only last met last week or maybe during the The Blitz but the joy on their faces was something to behold.

It reinforced what being human and sharing this world is all about and, in sharp contrast to my last post, showed that we all have the power to bring delight.

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