A Final Status Update

It was only a matter of time I suppose, and this probably wasn’t the first, but the New York Post  just reported that an aspiring model noted his impending suicide on his Facebook status update and then went into a play park and hung himself.

We shouldn’t be surprised.   Status updates run the gamut from “…is having an ice cream sundae.” to “…..has just had twins.” and every other aspect of life, and now death, between.     It’s just the way people communicate now – just a shame no one was able to respond to his update quickly enough.

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One thought on “A Final Status Update

  1. As an elderly gentleman enjoying his twilight years in Upstate New York, this blog just reinforces my view that anybody who participates in this Facebook thing should seek professional help immediately.
    What on earth prompts people to want to stand naked before the facebook community and expose their most trivial and mundane thoughts and actions
    for all to see ? Beats this old codger.

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