A&F = Absolutely Final

Abercrombie & Fitch yesterday reported a 19% decline in sales for the three months to 31st January. Profit, although they are still making one, is considerably down. And yet….1491669157_5cd83a7547

And yet they remain totally wieded to their no discount strategy. A premium pricer before the slump began they remain true to their values.

Their strategy rests heavily on there being a core group of loyal consumers who will continue to shop at A&F whatever the economic climate AND that recovery is around the corner.

Two big ifs !

But is it any riskier than the ‘dive to the bottom’ panic exhibited by their competitors ?

And what’s better for the world in general – one sweatshirt that costs $75 and lasts for years, or 10 that cost $7.50 and don’t survive the first laundering.

Will this economic environment teach us that less is more and quality will always count for something ?

A&F seem to think so and who am I to argue !


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