Thoughts on Facebook

Facebook turned 5 last week.     People fall into 2 camps, users and total sanctimonious rejectors.   I was a rejector once.    On the slippery slope to 40 I decided since I did not have lots of photographs of me at keg parties there was really little point.   Then I got it.   It’s a powerful tool which you can craft to deliver what YOU want.   logo_cp-facebook  It’s up to you how wide you throw open the door on your life.     You can avoid the widgets and quizzes.

It allows the user to live a  life in tandem with others he/she wants to take on the journey.    Is your best friend always going to remember to email you video clips of his 9 year old son scoring a touchdown ?  Of course not.  But the news feed means you will catch it.

In business it develops rich networks.   Strong bonds of support and a way to build rapport and morale.

I never cease to be amazed at the creative exploits of my 208 friends.   They inspire on a daily basis and all without little effort from me.

What’s not to love ?


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