Faire du lèche-vitrine

The French have some great expressions and the one which covers the great British pursuit of window shopping translates as “window licking”.     This afternoon I paid my second visit to Westfield Shopping Mall (it opened just before Christmas).    It’s the biggest indoor shopping centre in a city centre in Europe and to be fair is tastefully done – well as tasteful as a shopping mall can be !



As you would expect on a Saturday afternoon it was fairly busy.   Not neccessairly with people buying although the jewelley stores were all doing some business in anticpation of Valentine’s day.    But most retail staff looked anxious as people milled around not looking at anything in particular.

There was one exception.  The Champagne bar opposite the, yet to open, Louis Vuitton store, it was crowded – every stool taken and people standing.   I suppose licking windows is thirsty work.


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