Come Fly With Me….Wifi ?

A number of major US air carriers are now trialling in-flight wifi systems which allow passengers to pay $9.95 upwards for internet access  at 35,000 feet.    Nothing new here with Lufthansa having offered this service for a year or so.

However, the US trial brings a certain scale to the experiment which could see it stick.  What a pity.    Those of you who know me can attest to the fact I like electronic communication devices with one exception, in mid-air.



Up until now flying at 500 miles an hour was one of the last places you could be genuinely unreachable and nobody would expect you to reach them (other than that very expensive and therefore very short airfone call).    It was a period which was YOU time, hence the fact many of us ignore the person sitting next to us – unless they happen to be very attractive.      Time to think critically about a business priority, time to draft a memo or write a presentation, time to catch up on some reading, time to review some reports, time to catch up on what you’ve missed at the movies, time to look out the window and contemplate the meaning of live, time to have a nap……

You get my point.

If this last oasis of “you time” is taken away we are all going to arrive out our destinations even more ragged than before.

Or maybe we just pay out our $9.95 and be selective about who we communicate with.    Brings whole new meaning to “Sorry I lost you…..I was passing through a tunnel….a VERY long tunnel.”


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