Plane Talking Two

Just received a response to my email reply to their original “sorry” email.    I like this one because it’s slightly menacing.   Hinting that I am jolly lucky I was not diverted to some far flung airport !   I don’t think I’m going to get any free miles as compensation.

“Dear Mr I

Thank you for coming back to us.  I’m delighted our crew looked after you so well during your long delay at London Heathrow on Monday.  I know the 
wait must have been frustrating, and I am sorry that it took so long for a solution to be found.   

I will make sure the staff in question see a copy of your comments about their behaviour – and I know they will appreciate all you’ve said.

I understand that the long wait must have been extremely annoying and we have contacted our operations team for more information about what happened.  They have advised that a number of factors contributed to the problem.

The lack of aircraft movement due to the severe weather meant that all stands were fully occupied.  As runways and taxiways across the airport were covered in snow this made it difficult for the flight crew to see the white lines, and hindered movement.

We considered diverting the flight to Glasgow or Manchester before landing, but it was felt that this would cause further delay and disruption to our passengers.  We did work with the BAA to try to resolve the situation, and I am sorry that in your case a solution was not found sooner.  I completely understand your disappointment, and I am sorry that we let you down.

I would like to assure you we are looking at how we handled the situation and we appreciate your feedback.

Once again, I am sorry for the delay.  I would also like to stress again how much we value your loyalty as a Silver Executive Club member.  I hope that you will not be deterred from travelling with us in the future. 

Best regards

Iona H
British Airways Customer Relations”


3 thoughts on “Plane Talking Two

  1. It shows the lengths (342 words) a company would go to keep their “Silver Executive Club member”…..a member.

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