On the No. 27

In the almost year I have been living back in London my mode of transport to work and back has been the No. 27 bus.bus

Over these 12 months I have smiled and said thank you to the driver when I’ve waved my Oyster card in front of the reader. One of three things then happens;

(1) The driver looks surprised but then smiles back.

(2) The driver is stunned and does not shout thank you until you are half way down the bus.

(3) The driver ignores you but accelerates quickly so you stumble before reaching the safe confines of your seat.

Nine times out of ten it’s (1) and that’s the purpose of this posting.

When did it become acceptable to shuffle through citylife without pleases and thankyous ? It’s tragic.

It requires nothing more than a smile and a couple of words. It is important and it does make a difference.


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