Boqueria Soho (Resturant)

Saturday saw my first visit to Boqueria Resturant in Soho.   Now, off the bat, I do have to say I was with a great group of people so I could have been served cheese and crackers and still had the time of my life !   That said I found both food and wine (thank you T !) a very satisfying fast track to a tapas bar in Spain.      The four dishes which I enjoyed the most:   Coles de Bruselas (roasted Brussels sprouts with chorizo), Patatas Bravas (crispy cubed potatoes), Escudella (braised lamb shank with white beans and sausage) and an excellent Paella.   The five of us turned up around 8pm and were seated (with no reservation) by 8.20pm after a glass of wine at the bar.   The place is lively with strong welcoming service.    I’ll go again.   

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