Dressing Up

Rumours abound that the new President allows a more relaxed dress code in the West Wing, it’s all relative and that will probably translate to the occasional ommission of a jacket or tie by some staffer. The last administration even insisted on ties at the weekend.

Dress codes are funny things – they impose a uniformity on us but they have their place. I’ve worked in business casual and business formal environments and certainly prefer the latter.

Dressing for work conditions you before the day even begins and reminds you and everyone you interact with that you’re there to do the organization’s work.

It’s also more pleasing on the eye. Very few people can pull off acceptable business casual day after day.

During recessionary periods dress codes tighten as employees and companies display new found sobriety and discipline – helps with the job hunt as well.

At the end of the day we dont want mere empty suits but some sharpness of dress does help. There is also the added benefit that when the weekend begins a step down to jeans and a sweater feels even better.


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