West Wing Fact AND Fiction

Over the last 24 hours there have been a couple of iconic pictures of President Obama in the media. One pictures him striding purposefully alone through snowy White House grounds briefing papers underarm. The other (and the one which triggered this entry) was a determined President in the Capitol speaking to the press as he lobbies Congress on his budget package.

The Real President

The Real President

It all seemed very familar. I HAD seen in only a few day before. Series Five of The West Wing* when President Bartlett marches up to Congress during a budget shutdown.

Nothing wrong in any of this. It shows a media savvy White House after 8 years of PR incompetence.

But you do wonder if staffers have reviewed this TV drama as a guide to Government. Fanciful as it sounds, it does happen. In the 1980’s incoming British Government Ministers were advised to watch episodes of the cult BBC Yes, Minister for training !

(*£50 for the entire series at HMV).


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